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Course Title Day of Week Start Date
Chado, the Japanese Way of Tea   CANCELLED
Brain Health Mon. 02/03
Tai Chi Made EZ Session I Mon. 02/03
Gentle Yoga Session I Mon. 02/03
Living Well   CANCELLED
Gentle Yoga Session 2 Mon. 03/03
Archaeology & Culture of the Vikings Mon. 03/24
Tai Chi Made EZ Session II Mon. 03/17
Our Pathways to Health Mon. 03/17
Our WWII Homefront Mon. 03/24
Gentle Yoga Session 3 Mon. 04/07
Gentle Yoga Session 4 Mon. 05/05
Genetics for Genealogy Research Mon. 05/12
Book Arts: This Book is a Star! Tues. 02/04
Introduction to Gentle Yoga Tues. 02/04
Memoir Writing in McKinleyville Tues. 02/11
Writing as a Spiritual Journey Tues. 02/11
Yoga in Fortuna Tues. 02/11
Shifting Sands: Dunes & Beaches Tues. 02/11
Gross Steel Tues. 02/18
Local Walks for Exercise & Pleasure Tues. 02/18
100 Years with the NWP Railroad   CANCELLED
Creative Travel Photography   FULL
Wine Tasting 101 Tues. 03/04
Living Tao T’ai Ji   CANCELLED
iPad Basics for Beginners Tues. 03/04
25 Songs that Changed the World   FULL
Humboldt Links to the Golden Gate   CANCELLED
Mary Oliver: Nature’s Poet Tues. 03/25
Coast Guard Tues. 04/01
Do You Want to Be a Wine Judge?   CANCELLED
Born to Move   CANCELLED
Our Solar System   CANCELLED
Traveling in Southeast Asia Tues. 04/08
Bhutan & Tibet Tues. 04/22
We The People Tues. 05/06
Rashomon In Context Tues. 05/06
HSU Centennial Wed. 02/05
Pilates Plus for OLLI - Session 1 Wed. 02/05
Literature of Slavery Wed. 02/05
Contract Bridge for Beginners Wed. 02/05
Contract Bridge for Intermediates Wed. 02/05
Conversations on Aging Wed. 02/12
Highlights of Humboldt Wed. 02/19
Creating Community Assets Wed. 02/26
The Art of Mindfulness Wed. 02/26
Conscious Living for Life Enrichment Wed. 03/05
Travel With a Purpose   CANCELLED
Films from Down Under: Part Two Wed. 03/12
Mindfulness Meditation   CANCELLED
Pilates Plus for OLLI Session 2 Wed. 03/19
North Coast Artists Showcase 2014 Wed. 03/26
Textbook Mythologies (Garberville)   CANCELLED
Three Ancient Mysteries   CANCELLED
Redwood Parks Coast History Tour Wed. 04/02
Who’s Your Poet? (Garberville) Wed. 04/09
Writing Your Life (Garberville) Wed. 04/09
The ABCs of Peak Aging Wed. 04/23
Moving Your Words (Garberville) Wed. 04/23
Discovering Your Voice Thurs. 02/06
Bats! Thurs. 02/06
Memoir Writing in Eureka Thurs. 02/13
Take it Slow, Take the Train Session 1 Thurs. 02/13
The Grand Jury Thurs. 02/13
Queens Marrying North Thurs. 02/20
Take it Slow, Take the Train Session 2 Thurs. 02/20
Intro to SoulCollage® Thurs. 02/20
Locating Utopia   CANCELLED
Digital Storytelling Simplified Thurs. 03/06
Walking Through Jung’s Red Book   FULL
Great Decisions 2014   CANCELLED
Seeking Balance Thurs. 03/27
Celebrating Community w/SoulCollage® Thurs. 03/27
Beyond Tours: Independent Travel   CANCELLED
The Poet’s Path Thurs. 04/03
Textbook Mythologies Thurs. 04/03
Moving Your Words: A Writing Class Thurs. 04/08
Colombia is Magical Realism Thurs. 04/17
The Beautiful Game: World Cup Soccer Thurs. 04/17
Book Arts: Stab Bindings Thurs. 05/01
Painting With Oil   FULL
Intro to Steel Drums Session 1 Fri. 02/07
Prepare for D-Day: French Resistance! Fri. 03/07
Intro to Steel Drums Session 2 Fri. 03/07
Intro to Steel Drums Session 3 Fri. 04/04
Start the Press: Media History Fri. 04/25
Who or What are We? Symbiosis Fri. 04/25
Intro to Steel Drums Session 4 Fri. 05/02
Climate Change: Water & Forests Fri. 05/30
Armchair Traveler: Railroad! Sat. 03/08
The Home Museum: Heirlooms Sat. 02/15
Art Photography with Smart Phone Sat. 03/15
East is East and West is West Sat. 03/29
Writing for Children & Young Adults Sat. 03/29
Peace Corps: Boomers & Beyond   CANCELLED
Intro to SoulCollage® (Garberville)   CANCELLED
Genealogy & Family History Sat. 04/26
History Hotspots: Freshwater & Bayside Sat. 04/12
Royal Genealogies of Britain Sat. 04/26
World War II Station B-71 Sat. 05/03
History Walk & Talk: Fortuna Sat. 05/10




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