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Staying Focused Over Fall Break

Fall break is Nov. 23 to 27. That leaves only 15 days of classes before finals week begins. And while a week off is almost always a welcome change of pace, it can be difficult to maintain the focus and discipline that’s needed to successfully finish the semester. After being away for a week, how can a student make sure to finish strong? Here are four ways that can help.

Get Organized: What assignments are due the first week back after the break? What times are professors available to meet to review subject matter they presented just before the break started? Knowing what needs to happen and when will be a major advantage after your student returns from Fall Break.

Review: Encourage your student to review all notes taken the week or two before Fall Break. This helps your student keep ideas and facts fresh in the mind and get back on track. Taking time during the break to review notes will also help.

Relax: Don’t let your student forget that he or she is on break. If a week away from studying seems like too long for your student, then encourage him or her to put away textbooks and notes for a day or two during the break. Odds are, many of your student’s hometown friends will also be back from college, so setting aside time with them is just as important as hitting the books. Rest and recovery are important aspects to any successful plan.

Stay Focused: Once your student is back on campus, encourage him or her to double down on schoolwork before reconnecting with college friends. The first Monday back is a great time to review those notes again, plan the last weeks of school, and make arrangements for projects, and finals. Socializing can wait, especially this late in the semester.

HSU Community Gets Humboldt Made Benefits

Everyone in the extended community of Humboldt State University is getting an early holiday gift this week—a community membership with Humboldt Made.

The new HSU Humboldt Made Membership provides access special offers from select local businesses. It comes courtesy of the Humboldt State Association, better known as Forever Humboldt.

Offerings include 15% off at Plaza, 10% off JB Maryn Gift Crates, 15% off Drakes Glen Creations & Artisan Chocolate, 15% off Fire and Light showroom, 5% off Humboldt Made products at Wildberries every Friday, free shipping from, and many more. Additional offerings and discounts will be added in coming months.

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Homecoming & Family Weekend 2015

Humboldt State University welcomed hundreds of families and alumni to campus for Homecoming & Family Weekend, Oct. 8-11. Visit Humboldt State NOW for a look back at the Clubs Fair, Homecoming Parade, Pep Rally, Tailgate Party, and of course, the Big Game.

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» HSU Community Gets Humboldt Made Benefits

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Care Packages

Sending your children off to college can take some getting used to. You want to be there for them every step of the way from the first moments on campus to graduation day. For the moments in between, Forever Humboldt bridges the gap between home and campus with love and support sent by you. Help your student celebrate special occasions or pump up their spirits by sending a care package through our special program. Visit the Care Package Program website to view all available options.

Featured Photo

feature photo
Students in Geographic Research & Writing (GEOG 311) work with historic documents in the University Library’s Humboldt Room.

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Events & Deadlines

November 23-27
Fall Break

December 10
Fall Grad Reception 2015

December 14-18
Finals Week

January 19, 2016
First Day of Class, Spring Semester

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