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January 2010

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Joys of the Job Search

Desiree Perez

Desiree PerezAbout the editor – Desiree Perez is from Corona, Calif., and is a Journalism major with a concentration in Broadcast and a minor in Film. She is a student writer with HSU Marketing & Communications. She wants to be a documentary filmmaker before she grows up.

Jobs: They're often a main reason students are in school or what they need right now to be able to attend. Either way, they're pretty important. And they're usually not easy to find.

I remember moving up to the small town of Arcata and starting to look for work at the same time as a few thousand other students. But even in a tough job market, I was able to find my current employer through HSU's Career Center.

Icing on the cake: I'm earning money for groceries and gas while gaining career-related experience – kudos to you, Career Center.

The Career Center offers resources for finding work, applying for internships, picking a major, choosing a graduate school and more. There's even a four-year career development plan to guide students through graduation and into the job market. Many services are available for alumni too.

For me, going to the Career Center was like putting together a puzzle. I came in with a few pieces and an idea of what I wanted the final product to look like. They're showing me where those pieces fit and how to find the missing ones, including landing a summer internship.

Summer seems far away, but deadlines to apply for internships are passing quickly. Now is the perfect time for a student to line up summer jobs and internships if they haven't started already. You can help your student by keeping an eye out for local opportunities if they're coming home over the summer.

Here are a few more tips to help your student succeed. They come from Ann Johnson-Stromberg, the Career Center's Coordinator of Internships, Job Location and Development.

  • Talk to them about their dream job. If they know where they want to go, the Career Center can give them better advice on how to get there.
  • Encourage them to make a first draft of their resume before the semester kicks into full gear. If they already have one, it's a good time to update it.
  • Advise them to clean up their electronic image, including privatizing party pictures and creating a professional e-mail address. Web-savvy employers will probably Google them (at minimum) before setting up an interview.
  • Suggest that they attend a "Futures of Your Profession" panel on campus. They'll get no-nonsense insight from HSU alumni who are professionals in their field. Attending is a great way to explore a career, network with like-minded folks—and get free food. Panels this spring will include Sustainable Industries and Education.
  • Urge them to take advantage of the Career Center. New workshops, events and job listings are always being added.

Life after graduation can seem scary, but the more preparation your student has, the easier the transition can be. Encouraging them to use the Career Center now can help them succeed in the real world later.

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