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February 2012

RAD Electric Bikes

RAD Electric Bikes – Mike Radenbaugh ('12, Industrial Technology) and Marimar White-Espin ('12, Journalism) show off their electric bikes in Redwood Plaza. The silent, rechargeable bikes have become popular in recent years.

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Great Ways to Get Around Town

Desiree Perez

To drive, or not to drive—that's a question that a lot of families discuss with their Humboldt–bound student, and it's one that's best answered after a little first-hand experience.

Maybe your student loved to walk or bike to class during the temperate fall semester, but is finding rainy winter days a challenge. Or perhaps your student brought a personal vehicle and is finding that it isn't getting as much use as he or she thought.

Maybe the rain boots just aren't cutting it, or the car is doing a great job of just gathering dust and rust, or you just want to know what else is available. If so, read on…

Unlimited Pass

Through the JackPass program, all Humboldt State students get unlimited rides on Humboldt County bus systems just for having their student IDs. No need for additional bus fare. To date, this program has provided over 1 million student rides.

If your student lives on campus, Housing also provides a free residence hall weekend shuttle service. While it's easy to walk to class or down to the plaza, this service makes it just as easy to get to the mall, the movies and more.

Three's a Coupon

Carpooling can be a great option for your student for several reasons: It saves gas, reduces his or her carbon footprint and it can even help everyone get to class on time when there's a punctual commute. But did you know it could help save money while making it easier to find parking too?

With HSU's Preferential Parking program, anyone driving a vehicle with three or more passengers (two passengers if it's a two-seater) can show his or her HSU parking permit and receive a Preferential Parking day pass. These passes, available at the drive-up Parking window on Rossow St., allow your student to park at a metered space without shelling out the quarters or running out of class to feed the meter.

Need a Car? Borrow Ours

Finally, students can consider our two new Zipcars. With a Mazda 3 and a Toyota Prius hybrid, your student can ride in style and feel good about reducing his or her carbon footprint. Every shared Zipcar takes 15 personally-owned vehicles off the road.

Zipcars cars can be reserved by students as young as 18 for just $8 an hour or $66 a day. Gas and insurance are included with a one-time $25 membership fee.

Whether it's a day trip to the river or a shopping run to Eureka, Zipcar on campus gives your student the wheels they need. With dedicated parking spots at Library Circle, she or he can even chose to borrow a Zipcar for a lunchtime trip off-campus without the hassle of looking for a new parking spot before class.

Check it out at

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Overheard on the Network

"Several parents have said that their students have remained in the Arcata area after graduation. How did your new grads fare job wise? Where did they find work and what kind of work?"

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Important Dates

  • Feb. 9
    Last day to register for Feb. 25 Graduation Writing Proficiency Exam (GWPE)
  • Feb. 13
    Last day to ADD, DROP, AUDIT and WITHDRAW from classes without receiving a "W" grade
  • Deadline to file bachelor's degree application for Spring 2013 graduation
  • Feb. 14
    Valentine's Day (Classes in session)
  • Feb. 25
    Graduation Writing Proficiency Exam
  • Mar. 12
    Last day to change registered class grade option to CREDIT/NO CREDIT
  • Mar. 12—16
    Spring Break
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    Last day to register for Apr. 14 Graduation Writing Proficiency Exam (GWPE)
  • Mar. 30
    Cesar Chavez Holiday—No class
  • May 12

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