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February 2011

Hello Humboldt families! We hope this newsletter helps keep you involved with your student's experience at Humboldt State.

What to do When the Going Gets Tough

Desiree Perez

As your student can tell you, college is difficult, both academically and personally. As a parent, you can give them support and advice, but it's still hard to know what to do when your student says those six little words: "I am thinking about dropping out."

First of all, don't panic! It's actually not that uncommon for students to question their current path. In fact, it happens so often during one particular year that there's a nickname for it: the Sophomore Slump. But there are ways for you to help your student address frustrations and find a solution.

I spoke with Jyoti Rawal, the Associate Dean of Retention, and she had plenty of advice for parents whose students may be experiencing burn-out. Here's a quick wrap-up.

  • Encourage your student to get involved in class and on campus.

    Advise them to engage with faculty or the campus community. Talking with professors and professionals can help your student decide if he or she is in the right major and on the right path.

    Volunteering or joining a campus club can help students discover what sparks their interests while building a support network of mentors and friends.

  • Suggest tutoring.

    Sometimes the Sophomore Slump has a lot to do with how your student feels about his or her ability to succeed. Ask if he or she needs help in certain areas and be clear that it's okay to seek help.

    HSU has free tutors for students. We're also piloting an online tutoring service that will provide 24/7 access to specialists in academic subjects, as well as help with resumes and career services!

    Whether students need to work on reading skills, study habits or calculus lab work, our Learning Commons staff can help guide them to the services that can help them succeed.

  • Ask them about their financial situation.

    Many students hold jobs in addition to attending classes. If they're having trouble finding a job and making ends meet, it can cause stress. And sometimes balancing work and school is a challenge.

    HSU's Career Center services are available to guide students who are seeking work. Our Financial Aid office can also help students explore other funding options.

  • Advise them to visit an academic counselor.

    There's no cookie-cutter solution to the Sophomore Slump. Sometimes, students do benefit from taking a leave-of-absence from school. However, students should first meet with their academic advisor or someone in the Advising Center before making decisions to leave HSU or to find a different career and major path.

    There will always be someone here to have a one-on-one conversation with students to help them find the solutions that are right for them.

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Meet Humboldt: Stephanie Lane, Admissions Counselor


"I got flowers from the mom of a student, whom I helped out like I would have helped any student's parent. I don't expect that from anyone‚ but when I get it I remember that I am affecting people's lives."

The best part about her job is "seeing first-time students get into college and watching them really excel."
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Calling You: The Parent & Family Fund

Don't be surprised if you're contacted sometime this year by a student from Humboldt State University. They'll be calling to let you know about recent developments on campus, and to tell you about the Humboldt Parent & Family Fund.

This call is important. Gifts by parents and family members make a real difference to the students at Humboldt State.

Donations to the Parent and Family Fund are immediately put to use on campus, improving students' experiences inside and outside the classroom. Gifts are used for student support programs, instructional technology, academic programs, the library, and much more.

Louis Salgado is a proud parent of a Humboldt State student and supports the campus through the Humboldt Parent & Family Fund. "I think it's important for us to support Humboldt, since this school is developing our children into responsible adults ready to give back to society. My daughter is in the Social Work program and feels that her relationships with her peers and professors have helped her feel confident and meet her personal goals. I feel I should do what I can to support HSU in this important task," he says.

Humboldt State University thanks the families who supported students last year through the Humboldt Parent & Family Fund, as well as the many who will participate this year.

If you have any questions, please contract Dean Hart, Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving, at (707) 826-5107.

Cookstove Lab
Cookstove Lab

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Parents & Family Fund

HSU thanks the many families who supported students last year through the Parents & Family Fund. One such parent who supports the campus is Glenda Hay. "My son is being directly shaped by his experience at HSU. I feel I should do what I can to help HSU in this important task," she says.

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