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December 2011

Library Study Group

Library Study Group – With plenty of places to pull up a chair and plug in a laptop—not to mention the thousands of books, journals and other resources it offers—the HSU Library provides a great place for a study session.

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Fighting Test-Stress in Time for Finals

Desiree Perez

This is it. Right now, students are in the last stretch of the semester before their final exams next week. And, more often than not, these end-of-the-semester exams, projects and presentations come complete with an extra helping of stress.

Here are a few tips from folks across campus for you to share with your student to help lighten their stress load.

A Helping Hand… At Any Hour

If your student could use a little extra help preparing for finals, HSU’s Learning Center can help her or him get that needed boost.

In addition to one-on-one tutoring, small group tutoring and more, students can access 24/7 online tutoring through the Learning Center’s website.

There’s no substitute for person-to-person help from faculty and staff, says Jyoti Rawal, Associate Dean of Student Retention and Success. “But online tutoring is a huge convenience for students who need help with their coursework right away, in the wee hours.”

The Silent Treatment

Sometimes, silence really is golden. If your student is finding it hard to concentrate in his or her normal study spaces, librarian Wayne Perryman recommends the Silent Study Room in the HSU Library.

Sure, libraries are already quiet, but the Silent Study Room is a place where your student is guaranteed a silent experience. No group discussions. No music. No distractions.

Your student can find this silent study space on the second floor of the HSU Library, Room 205.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

We all know that sleeping enough and eating healthy can help increase your student’s wellness leading up to finals—certainly running on fumes and coffee grounds isn’t a recipe for success. But, according to physician Alan Morden at the HSU Student Health Center, there are a couple other tips to remember around this time in the semester.

Talk to your students about substances she or he might be thinking about taking to improve her or his ability to study. Whether it’s a super-sugary energy drink or a roommate’s prescription medication, some “performance enhancing” remedies often do more harm than good.

And the conversation doesn’t have to end with finals. After the semester is over, talk to your student about her or his experiences and help identify ways to improve for next time. If procrastination caused the bulk of his or her stress this time around, for example, brainstorm ways to keep on top of studies for next semester.

Finally, a lot of students take off right after finals for fun, holiday destinations. Whether your student is coming home or going on a trip during the break, it’s important not to travel while exhausted from a marathon week of cramming, planning and testing. Give him or her a friendly reminder to take it easy on the way home, even if that means shaving a day off of your time together.

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Important Dates

  • Dec. 12-16
    Final Exam Week
  • Dec. 24-Jan. 2
    Winter Break—Campus closed
  • Jan. 11
    Spring semester begins
  • Jan. 16
    Martin Luther King Jr. Day—Campus closed

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