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April 2010

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Living it up off campus

Desiree Perez

The next school year is approaching quickly and many students – both new and returning – have already decided Humboldt State is the place for them. Now all they have to decide is where they'll live.

I've chosen to live on campus during my time here at HSU. For me, the convenience of living, working and going to school on campus overshadows the appeal of having my own place. But many students choose to live off campus – and now is the time to start looking.

My suitemates are in the middle of the house hunt right now, so I know what goes into it – searching Craigslist, phone calls to landlords and saving up for that big deposit. It can be overwhelming at times. But HSU Housing has its own website full of resources and tips to make the off-campus housing search easier.

I spoke with Buddy White, HSU's Off-Campus Housing Coordinator, about finding housing in Humboldt County. Here's what he had to say.

  • "Starting early gives you an advantage." Students should move up to Humboldt early if they can, which might mean living here over the summer. If you wait until August, everyone else will also be looking for housing.
  • "Listen to the student's needs." Really understand your student's wants and needs when it comes to a living situation. Your ideas about what makes something ‘that perfect place' might be different. But it's your student who's going to have to live with the decision.
  • "Understand each other's roles, and what your role in the financial aspect could be." Chances are, as the parent or family member, you could be called on to be the co-signer. By signing that housing contract, you're helping your student gain a little more freedom and take another step into adulthood. But students need to understand what's at stake if they don't rise to the occasion.
  • "Look over the agreement. Talk to the landlord or property manager." As someone who has probably been through the process before, your knowledge can mean the world to your student. It can also mean the difference between a successful house-hunt and, well, a less-than-successful one.
  • "Encourage your student to go out and house-hunt on their own." A big part of growing up is making those big decisions, so it helps boost students' independence if they find their new place on their own – especially if they're already living in Humboldt. Offer your support and advice, but give your student the space to make the choice.

Last but not least, your student can attend an informational meeting on campus to discuss off-campus housing. Buddy will be talking about off-campus housing needs on April 21 and 22 at 5 p.m. in the Klamath River Room on the 2nd floor of the Jolly Giant Commons. Students are encouraged to bring their questions and concerns.

Desiree PerezAbout the editor – Desiree Perez is from Corona, Calif., and is a Journalism major with a concentration in Broadcast and an area of study in Film. She is a student writer with HSU Marketing & Communications and assistant coordinator of the Graduation Pledge Alliance.

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