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February 2018

Getting Through Flu Season

Homecoming & Family Weekend

As the weather and cold rain continue, there’s always a chance your student’s going to catch a cold or flu. We know California is experiencing a bad flu season, and it typically peaks in February. Here are some tips for your student if they get sick as the semester gets underway.

Health & Wellness Executive Director Brian Mistler says students who feel sick should make sure to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.

“If a student isn’t feeling well, or has a fever, their illness may be communicable to others,” Mistler says. “We advise that otherwise healthy students who have colds or flus stay home, give their body a chance to heal, and reduce their participation in activities where they may infect others when possible.”

The Health & Wellness Center on campus, like other medical offices, is usually unable to verify colds and flu beyond a student’s self-reported symptoms. Students are especially encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water whenever possible to reduce the spread of germs, and avoid touching their face with unwashed hands.

"The campus is doing everything we can to support students' health,” Mistler says. “The Division of Student Affairs and Housing & Residence Life are distributing free travel hand sanitizer, and the Health Center offers low-cost thermometers and symptom guides to support students in monitoring their health and knowing when to come in. The Health Center also offers a Nursing Advice Line available 24/7 at no cost for students as part of their existing health fee."

Students who miss a class for a short-term illness from which they are likely to recover on their own are encouraged to talk with faculty directly about making up the work without seeking medical support documentation. Students should notify their teachers immediately if they’re going to miss class. Many class assignments can be made up. At the same time, falling ill just before a critical assignment is due or failing to follow treatment recommendations for a long-term issue, is not likely to be considered justification for difficulty completing work that was assigned well in advance.

For other health and wellness advice, your student can check HSU’s Wellness Map or contact the Nursing Advice Line at 877-256-3534. Read more about the online tool here.

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Care Packages

Sending your student off to college can take some getting used to. You want to be there for them every step of the way from the first moments on campus to graduation day. For the moments in between, Forever Humboldt offers special care packages. Help your student celebrate special occasions or pump up their spirits by sending them one through our special program.

Visit the Care Package Program website to view all available options.

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