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December 2017

Homecoming & Family Weekend

Finals Week: Pancakes and Pet Therapy

Your student can take a break (and fill up) at HSU’s annual Pancake Dinner, Monday, Dec. 11 in the J Cafeteria from 8 to 10 p.m. This free event lets students grab a meal as their favorite professors and staff members serve up pancakes and all the fixings. Hundreds of students take part in this fun event every year.

Besides flapjacks, a collection of services and support is available to help your student de-stress and have a successful finals week.

Make the Most of Winter Break

Winter Break is an important time to reconnect with your student. It gives them a chance to share what they’ve learned and how they’ve grown during the last semester, to plan for future success, and to just be together.

It’s important to support your student during the break, especially if they’re returning home after their first semester at Humboldt State.

Talk and Listen Your student might have some hard times. Talk with them about the challenges of their semester. Listen to their concerns and steer them toward constructive ways of dealing with roommate, social, or academic issues. Understand they are transitioning into adulthood and their place in the family structure may be changing. But don’t forget to talk about the good too - new friends, professors, and accomplishments, as well as future goals.

Negotiate Your student has gotten used to some independence (and you have too, probably). Negotiate about expectations and don’t expect to fall back into the routine you had before they left home. Your student is probably going to want to pack in a lot over their break, including visiting old friends.

A time to rest Your student is going to be tired from the semester. They may need to sleep a lot and recuperate. Try to be understanding and encourage them to have the down time they need to regain their energy.

Prepare for spring Talk with your student about their school year. What study, writing, and testing strategies worked for them? Which didn’t? Help them identify study habits and partners, as well as academic resources they can use to excel in the spring. Learning how to learn is one of the most important parts of college.

Fall Graduation Reception 2017

Forever Humboldt celebrated with Fall ‘17 graduates at a ceremony and reception on Dec. 8. View photos from the reception.

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