Humboldt State University
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Board of Directors

Roster and Contact Information for Spring 2014

Student Representatives

Macy Stewart — RHA Representative, Chair, UC BOD | email

Cherrish Robinson — Student-at-large, Vice Chair, UC BOD | email

Victor Arredondo — AS Student Affairs Vice President | email

Jerry Dinzes — Student-at-large | email

Forust Ercole — AS President | email

Allison Isaacson — RHA Representative | email

Samantha Wilson — Student-at-large | email

Administrative Representative

Peg Blake — Vice President of Student Affairs | email

Financial Services Representative

Carol Lorentzen — Associate VP, Business Services, Secretary/Treasurer, UC BOD | email

Faculty Representatives

Steve Martin — Environmental Science & Management | email

Armeda Reitzel — Communication | email

Mark Rizzardi — Mathematics | email

Alumni Representative

David Haller | email

Community Representative

Gregg Foster

Non-Voting Advisor

Dave Nakamura - Executive Director, University Center | email