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Diversity & Inclusive Student Success Newsletter - Spring 2014


Please find the Spring 2014 Diversity and Inclusive Student Success Newsletter attached. This issue of our semesterly...

Please join us for Voices & Visions ~ April 24


Dear Staff, Faculty and Students:

Please join us for "Voices and Visions," sponsored by Center for Service Learning and...

Geology Colloquium - Monday, April 7th @ 4:00 AND 5:00 in FH 25


4/7 at 4:00 PM - "Local Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) in the Hyperarid Gobi of Mongolia", by Batbaatar...

Biological Sciences Seminar ~ April 4


The Department of Biological Sciences and the Biology Graduate Student Association are pleased to have Dr. David Myrold,...

Learning Site Agreement (LSA) Status List - 4/1/14


Attached is the Learning Site Agreement Status List, current to to 4/1/14, which lists agencies that are approved learning...

Newsletter: Diversity and Inclusive Student Success at HSU


Dear HSU Staff and Faculty,

The Spring 2014 Diversity and Inclusive Student Success Newsletter is attached as a PDF....

CNRS Council of Chairs Summary - March 27


The Council of Chairs summary is attached for your reading pleasure! Have a great weekend.

Julie (x5826)

Geology Colloquium - Wednesday, April 2nd @ 5:00 in FH 25


"Quaternary Tectonics of Santa Catalina Island", by Chris Castillo, PhD Candidate, School of Earth Sciences, Geophysics,...

Geology Colloquium - Thursday, April 3rd @ 5:00 in FH 25


"Neotectonics, Geodesy, and Seismic Hazard in the northern Walker Lane and Basin and Range of North America", by Steven...

New College Scheduler will help simplify class scheduling


Starting March 28th, the new online College Scheduler tool will help students plan and review their proposed class schedules...


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