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Teaching Circle, Mar 7 ~ Please join us!


Please join us for the CNRS teaching circle this Friday, March 7, 12-12:50 in FR 105.

Learning Site Agreement (LSA) Status List – 3/3/14


Attached is the Learning Site Agreement Status List, current to to 3/3/14, which lists agencies that are...

Biological Sciences Seminar ~ Mar 7


All are welcome to attend this weeks seminar presented by Dr. Camilla Richmond, Boston Children’s Hospital, "You Are What You...

Sustainable Future Speaker Series ~ Mar 6


Dear colleagues and friends,

It is our pleasure to host Dr. Richard Norris of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography...

Mathematics Colloquium ~ Mar 6


Please join us for this week's Mathematics Colloquium titled,"Stress and Development in the Green...

Time to Submit ITS Project Prioritization Proposals


If you've been waiting to submit a project to ITS, or you're already working on one, it's time to make it official. Read on...

CAHSS Newsletter for February 28, 2014


The CAHSS Newsletter is attached as a pdf.

CA Environmental Legacy Project screening ~ March 8


California Environmental Legacy Project Screens National PBS Film at HSU

Humboldt State University...

FWR job candidate, Dr. Kathleen Kavanagh visiting HSU ~ Mar 6 & 7


Dear CNRS Staff and Faculty:

Dr. Kathleen "Katy" Kavanhagh is a candidate for Department Chair position in the...

Mathematics Colloquium ~ Feb 27


Hello, Math Students and all interested parties:

Please join us for the weekly Mathematics Colloquium on Feb 27, BSS...