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Writing Center Bios


Ajani Kokayi Tatum is from Los Angeles and has arrived here at Humboldt State as a Religious Studies major. Ajani is in the Writing Center because he's come to enjoy the writing process. He is always stoked to help with prewriting, development of ideas and arguments--any stage of the writing process. He wouldn't be here if having the chance to interact with all your papers wasn't so much fun.


Amanda Lagasca is a junior in the Environmental Resource Engineering undergraduate program. Her goal is to graduate by the Spring semester of 2016. After she is done, she is hoping to join the Peace Corps and volunteer with a focus on the environment or agriculture. She believes that working with others brings new perspectives to old thoughts and is always interested in learning about new things. Since she can relate to how overwhelming education can be, she enjoys helping others through the learning process and making it more approachable.


Everardo Cuevas is a senior English major with a minor in Multicultural Queer Studies. Working at the writing center has shown him the empowerment that writing can offer to all students. Everardo enjoys working with students from all disciplines and strives to share his knowledge in a cooperative and constructive way. Writing can be a powerful, transformative act, and, as Salvador Allende reminds us, "to be a student and not a revolutionary is a contradiction."


Kyle Hinshaw is currently in his last year at Humboldt State studying English with an emphasis in writing practices. Working in the Writing Center and Lab for almost a year now, he has found peer tutoring to be a challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable experience overall. His effort to aid students in many disciplines, be they freshman or graduate level, has given him an appreciation for cultivating each writer's individual voice.

Stephanie Cowherd

Stephanie Cowherd is a graduate student in English with an emphasis in Literature. She has been working in the Writing Center and in First-Year Composition since 2011. She enjoys working with students from all different disciplines and levels. Besides the usual love for books, tea, and writing, Stephanie has a strong interest in Botany, which probably stems from her travels abroad.

Stephanie Walsh

Stephanie is a graduate student in English with a concentration on composition studies and pedagogy. Her current research interests include incorporating alternative and progressive genres into the composition classroom, and finishing her Master's Thesis. She enjoys working with learners from all disciplines, levels, backgrounds, and interests. Stephanie is personally moved by the power of the written word to give voice to the voiceless, bring hope to the disillusioned, and create beauty out of darkness. She loves rain, caffeine, peace, and her two pound puppies.


Vanessa is a junior from southern California set to graduate in Spring, 2015. She is working towards a degree in International Studies with a focus in Latin America; a decision guided partially by her undying wanderlust. She enjoys working with students from all disciplines; learning from and teaching other students.

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