Security:: Multifunction Devices Configuration and Security

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Multifunction devices, such as, copiers, faxes, scanners, document and email scanning have specific needs which need to be customized before and after their installation as well as if they get transferred or e-wasted. 

Multifunction Copiers -- Site Preparation (HSU login required).  Site requirements and considerations BEFORE purchasing a multifunction copier.BEFORE the devices is purchased the ITCs in your area should be consulted to ensure they meet campus data security requirements. In addition, Plant Operations needs to be consulted to ensure that their physical location and that there is adequate available electrical power, ventilation and floor weight requirements . 

Once the device is approved, purchased and in place your ITCs will configure security features and set up any scan to email features.

E-wasting  an old multifunction device: Many of these devices have internal hard drives. These hard drive need to be securely wiped before being transferred to any other campus office. If they are to be traded in, the hard drive should be removed and treated as secure e-waste.

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