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Security :: Data Classification Standards


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Security :: Virtual Private Network

As part of the closed border firewall project, Humboldt State University deployed a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server. This ensures secure communications through a simple web interface for those staff and faculty members who use Remote Desktop or Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to connect to their office computers from off campus.

Security :: Password Expiration

To comply with Federal and State law as well as CSU security policies and standards, Humboldt State University requires all staff, faculty, and students to change their passwords on a regular basis. If you receive an email informing you that your HSU Password is scheduled to expire, you MUST go to the Account Center and change your password BEFORE the expiration date. Once you have logged in, select Account Tools, then Change Password.

Security :: Campus Border Firewall

A firewall is a hardware or software network security device that sits at the juncture between two networks to control what information is allowed to pass between those networks. Usually, the two networks are an organization's internal network and the Internet. A firewall's primary role in information security is to protect computers on the internal network from intentional attacks that aim to:

Security :: Virus Protection

Computer viruses used to be very obvious - you'd know that your computer was infected because threatening messages would appear on your screen, or applications stopped working. Today's malware instead tries to be as secretive as possible - the goal is to get onto your machine and start stealing valuable information, not to show off programming tricks. Many of today's attacks come wrapped in a cloak of pseudo-legitimacy, appearing as a message or request for information from an official source, such as your bank, eBay, even the Humboldt State University Technology Help Desk.

Blocked Email Attachments

Email attachments using the following file extensions are blocked by GMail and Outlook. This list is subject to change as needed for security.

Security :: Email Attachments

Every email user should be constantly on guard against the threat of malware and take personal responsibility for ensuring that individual actions do not compromise the valuable resources of others. Maintain a healthy suspicion with regard to email and confirm the reliability of all attachments before opening them, even if the message is - or appears to be - from someone you know.

Security :: Passwords and Digital Identities

HSU has implemented an overarching access management system for on-campus computer systems. Every student, staff, and faculty member is provided with a unique HSU User Name when they officially enter the university population, and accounts and permissions are automatically created based on their role at the university.

Security :: Network Access Control

The best way to protect the network is to proactively prevent malware or hackers from gaining access. At HSU, this is tackled at two levels: