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 International Online Orientaiton Program (IHOOP)

Welcome to Humboldt State University!

All international students admitted to Humboldt State University must plan to complete the mandatory International Humboldt Online Orientation Program. We call it IHOOP!

Incoming new international students will be automatically signed up for IHOOP upon formal admission to the University. 

IHOOP is mandatory and each section must be completed by the following dates:

Fall Admission: July 15

Spring Admission: January 1 

How does IHOOP work?

The IHOOP course teaches HSU basic information about academics and support services.  Additionally, it will teach you the basic rules and regulations governing your immigration status while studying in the states. It takes an average of 2 hours to complete. Throughout the course, you will be asked quiz questions to assist in the retention of information. You may start and stop the course as often as you need. 

The IHOOP process is:

  • REQUIRED. Holds are placed on your Student Center account that will prevent you from registering for classes at HSU if you do not complete the program by the deadline.
  • virtual, off-campus and available 24 hours a day until the published IHOOP deadline. 
  • supported via phone, email, or Moodle Discussion Forum.  If you encounter any difficulties, please contact us by one of these methods:  1. Call the Center for International Programs at 707-826-4142 during open hours Monday – Friday 8a.m. to 5p.m., or 2.  Email, or 3.  Use the Forum function within the Moodle course.
  • a couple of hours in length. 
  • a multi-step process. 
  • going to prepare you for HSU with an overview of academic and immigration requirements & regulations and campus resources 
  • supported by your $50 orientation, advising, and registration fee, which is part of your HSU tuition and fees. 

There are a few steps involved in the IHOOP process. We explain them below. 

IHOOP steps

Step 1. Signing into your IHOOP course in Moodle via myHumboldt. 

On the top right of click on “Log in to myHumboldt”

 Enter your HSU User Name and Password then click “Log in”

 On the top right portion of your myHumboldt you will see a link for “Moodle.” Click this link.

 Step 2. Finding your IHOOP course.

To start IHOOP, find your course in "Ongoing Courses" at the top of the page:

After you click "ongoing courses" at the top, you will then see the IHOOP course in the center of the page. It looks like this:

Enter the course and complete all sections.

Step 3. Completing the IHOOP Quizes.

Each IHOOP module includes important quiz questions to test your retention of important details.  These quizzes must be completed in full and submitted in order to demonstrate that you've completed IHOOP. Afterwards, your "IHOOP registration hold" will be removed.

Additional Information


It is important to remember that even though completion of IHOOP prepares you to search and register for courses, you will not actually register for courses until you arrive and participate in the mandatory on-campus orientation program.  As new students, you are one of the last students to register for classes, however, once you become a continuing student, all future registration will be done early along with the other members of your class standing.

Orientation Fees for Students

A one-time non-refundable $50.00 Student Orientation, Advising & Registration fee is included in the first-semester fees of all new Humboldt students upon course registration. This fee covers all advising and registration services. Please check your Student Center regularly for any outstanding balances. For information on all HSU fees, please go to Student Financial Services website.

International On-campus Orientation Program

In addition to the mandatory completion of the online orientation, all students are required to report in person for a mandatory on-campus orientation held the week before classes begin.  Please review your letter of admission for the current dates of the on-campus orientation program and make sure you will arrive in time.



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