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Payroll Schedule

The first pay period for both hourly and salary employees will begin on the first day of each month, end the fifteenth day, and will be paid on the twenty-fifth. The second pay period of the month will begin on the sixteenth, end the last day of the month and will be paid on the tenth day of the month following. 

*** SPF Payroll Schedule 2014 now available (PDF) ***

Non-exempt employees are required to submit time sheets and exempt employees are required to submit level of effort forms. 

*** Note: Because all faculty are exempt employees, they do not earn overtime. Hourly rates may be used for calculation and timesheet purposes. Exempt Faculty submit their hours on a timesheet. ***

Submitting Payroll:

How to Avoid Common Mistakes


If you've ever submitted payroll through SPF chances are you've received at least one, “Payroll Issue” response email from our office. These reminders are a way for SPF to assist Payroll in processing timely and accurate timesheets. By filling our your timesheets completely and correctly you not only help Payroll process your
checks quicker but it also keeps SPF in compliance with labor laws. Based on the most common mistakes, here are some helpful ways to prevent errors:

* Write your HSU ID # on all payroll documents
* Remember to check the “certification” box above your signature
* Students: remember to check the “En­rollment Certification” box
* Clearly write your project name and number on all payroll documents

2013 Payroll Schedule
Pay Period End Date: Submit Date 5:00 p.m.:  Pay Day 8:00 a.m.:
January 15, 2013 Wednesday, January 16th Friday, January 25th
January 31, 2013 Friday, February 1st     Monday, February 11th
February 15, 2013 Friday, February 15th Monday, February 25th
February 28, 2013 Friday, March 1st Monday, March 11th
March 15, 2013 Friday, March 15th                Monday, March 25th
March 31, 2013 Tuesday, April 2nd Wednesday April 10th
April 15, 2013 Tuesday, April 16th Thursday, April 25th
April 30, 2013 Wednesday, May 1st Friday, May 10th
May 15, 2013 Thursday, May 16th Friday, May 24th
May 31, 2013 Friday, May 31st Monday, June 10th
June 15, 2013 Monday, June 17th Tuesday, June 25th
June 30, 2013 Monday, July 1st Wednesday, July 10th
July 15, 2013 Tuesday, July 16th Thursday, July 25th
July 31, 2013 Thursday, August 1st Friday, August 9th
August 15, 2013 Friday, August 16th Monday, August 26th
August 31, 2013 Tuesday, September 3rd by Noon Tuesday, September 10th
September 15, 2013 Monday, September 16th Wednesday, September 25th
September 30, 2013 Tuesday, October 1st Thursday, October 10th
October 15, 2013 Wednesday, October 16th Friday, October 25th
October 31, 2013 Thursday, October 31st Friday, November 8th
November 15, 2013 Friday, November 15th Monday, November 25th
November 30, 2013 Monday, December 2nd Tuesday, December 10th
December 15, 2013 Monday, December 16th Tuesday, December 24th
December 31, 2013 Thursday, January 2nd Friday, January 10th

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