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Get Involved

Project Ideas

Old PV system reinstalled

Campus wide audit – PG&E significant partner

Monitor buildings on finer scale

  • Take part in competition

Alternative transportation CULTURE

  • Faculty and Staff- important for culture
  • Later services
  • Bike parking
  • Bike rentals – we have cards

Bio-Digesters Partners with dairies

  • Waste – Diary partnership

Insulation (blown-in insulations)

Maple Drafting issues

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Heating loads

Strategic building loading

  • Increase occupancy at night, weekend
  • Dial down HVAC
  • Look to other campuses
    • Policies
    • Strategies
    • Technologies
    • By-In from Plant-Operations (which buildings can “turn down”?)
    • Summer school key!

Flushless Urnals

  • Maintenance issues
  • Time to try again! Newer technology

Bio Digester our wastes (food and others wastes )

  • Offset landfill for food waste

Low flow showerhead and faucets

Bloom energy

  • Natural gas fuel cell

Plug loads

Old PV system reinstalled

  • Behavior change – turn me off signs
  • In buildings
  • IT solutions

Behavior change projects

Co Gen rebuild

Housing Audits

  • Co-Gen Recommendations
  • Housing Recommendations

Natural lighting

  • Solar tubes –see CCAT

Living roofs


  • Moodle for car pools
  • Bike rides
  • Zimride

HSU Pledge - Transportation

  • Like car free day
  • Days of the year
  • Pledge Percentage
  • Google maps – join with Computer Sciences

Good Purchasing

  • On Campus gardens
  • Use our Compost on campus
  • Arcata Ed Farm
  • CSA for HSU
  • Rainwater collection

Car pool permit for Parking

Grid intertie At Trinidad

Trashcan - Recycling bins too similar

  • Buckets only at depot

Bicycles in RCA

Reusable cup at coffee shops

Window watchers

  • Janitors do so now
  • Volunteers could help in the effort