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"Come here expecting to be inspired by the opportunity for change and your knowledge of how to do it. Come here to gain an abundance of new knowledge that may lead you in new directions or will greatly strengthen your ability to play a role leading this society to better alternatives." Todd Beer, Program Graduate, 2003

Completed Theses and Projects

Adelman, Alisha: An Assessment of Cumulative Influences on Returning Sea Campers’ Self Efficacy and Environmental Ethics, May 2013

Allred, Danielle: Feasibility of a Volunteer Dog-Walking Program for High School Students and Shelter Dogs in Chico, California, May 2013

Barker, Amanda: The environment, Christianity, and the Roman Empire: an ecological interpretation , December 2007

Barnett, Jyl: Farm-to-School in Humboldt County: Opportunites for Economic Growth for Small Farmers and Strategies for Change in Public Schools, November 2005

Beer, Christopher Todd: Participatory Development and the Ugunja Community Resource Center, December 2003

Benson, Chelsea L.: Changing Places: Children’s Experiences during Middle Childhood, May 2009

Berhanu, Bilen: Food in a Social Context: Community Gardens in New York City, May 2011

Boni Bramble, Portia: A Survivor’s Guide to Running Farmers’ Markets: The North Coast Growers’ Association Experience, Humboldt County, California, December 2009

Brain, Flora H.: Eating Totem Salmon: Exploring Extinction and Collaborative Restoration in a Coastal California Watershed Community, May 2012

Braggs, Sierra: Earth First!: The Rise of Eco-Action, December 2012

Brindle, Stephanie F.: Small Farms, Big Barriers: Political Implications of Agricultural Regulation in Wright County, Iowa, May 2011

Burak, Gretchen: Analysis of a Regional Food Initiative: A Case Study of the Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition, August 2012

Cannon, Amanda C.: Giving Voice to Juana Maria’s People: The Organization of Shelland Exotic Stone Artifact Production and Trade at a Late Holocene Village on San Nicolas Island, California, August 2006

Carroll, Allyson: Organic Agriculture in Humboldt County, From a Social Movement to Economic Development: Interviews with Organic Dairy and Row Crop Farmers, July 2006

Caurant, Christine: Framing is Important, But Not Everything: A Comparison of the Success and Failure of the Anti-GE Campaigns in Mendocino County and Butte County, California, December 2006.

Clapper, Laura: Microlending and Its Role in Building Community Networks, May 2005

Conway, Michael: Analyzing Interventions for Increasing Bicycle Commuting, May 2012

Curran, Rachel: The Water Privatization Debate: A Critique of and Alternative to the International Financial Institutions’ Promotion of the Private Provision of Water Services, April 2006

De La Rosa, Laura: Latinos and Their Environment in Humboldt County: An Outreach and Radio Program, August 2003

DeLello, Courtney: Community Supported Agriculture: A Case Study in Humboldt County, May 2004

Dempsey, Daniel John: Hard Work, Low Pay, Miserable Conditions: The California Conservation Corps and the Young Adult Transition, May 2012

Dickens, Rebekah: Ecological and Social Considerations in Tropical Forest Conservation: A Case Study in Ecuador, May 2013

Donovan-Kaloust, Margaret: Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples, August 2007

Eden, Jessica: Environmental Radio: Exploring the Confluence of People and Place, March 2010

Emenaker, Ryan: Corporations and Resistance in the Redwood Empire: Towards a Corporate History of Humboldt County (1579-1906), December 2005

Escarcega Gomes, Vanessa Rae: Participatory Planning in Community Organizations: A Study of Best Practices, December 2010

Fairchild, Kathleen Sullivan: Full Circle: Returning the Power of Oral History to the Community of Big Lagoon, California, Through Tsunami Education and Planning, December 2012

Faris, Natalie A.: Sprouting Seeds of Sustainability: Lessons in School Supported Agriculture, May 2012

Fortner, Suzanne M:: Nature Education In and Out of the Classroom: Teacher Resources for the Bay to Dunes Field Trip Program, May 2010

Fox, Brandy A.: Creating Affordable and Livable Communities in the Sierra Nevada, December 22, 2003

Fuller, Michelle Marie: Herding Cats: Grassroots and Centralized Organizing in the Case of California’s Fire Safe Councils, May 2012

Fusaro, Jennifer: Exploring the potential benefits and challenges to collaboration between small farmers and veterans, August 2010

Gaskins, Alisha Susan Clompus.: International Reproductive Health: A Perspective on Research, Policy, and Practice, May 2011

Gergits, Carrie: Experimental Learning: Bay to Dunes Education-In and Out of the Classrooms, June 2003

Gibson, Ellen: Rural Settlement Patterns and Growth Management: A Study of Farmland Loss in Humboldt County, August 2004

Glover, Katherine D.: Humboldt Bay Initiative: A Case Study of the Applicability of Ecosystem-Based Management for Collaborative Resource Management, December 2011
(not online)

Guzman, Adriana R.: Salmon is Everything: The Emergence and Development of Eco-drama in the Context of the Klamath Salmon Crisis and an Examination of its Role as a Pedagogical Tool, December 2012

Harris, Megan: Examining Structural Poverty in Cooperation With the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign: A Participatory Action Research Project, May 2011

Holmlund, Robert: Fish, Forests, Fire, and Freedom: Infringements of Karuk Religious Freedom Through Federal Natural Resource Management, May 2006

Hosbach, Alyssa Camilla: Managing Land for Resilience: A Comparative Analysis of Conservation Planning and Holistic Management

Hughes, Laura M. Cultivating Just Food: Exploring Inclusion and Inequality in Community Food Systems, April 2011

Immitt, Cybelle: The Potential of Community Action Plans to Promote Economic Revitalization Through Rural County Planning, December 2009

Johnson, Calder: Sustainable Theatre: An Analysis of Theories and Practices, May 2009

Jones, Tamira E.A.: Faith Based Environmental Ethics: A Case Study of Jaguar Creek, Belize, May 2003

Kallenberger, Bruce: Defining Water Rights for the Greater Klamath Basin: Issues of Social Justice, May 2003

Keeble, Sarah Morgan: Female Entrepreneurship in Mendocino County, California, December 2009

Leslie, Kerry: Mending the Gap: Latino Involvement With Mainstream and Local Environmental Organizations, a Pilot Study in Los Angeles County, California, May 2013

King, Morgan: The Environment at Risk: Ecological Crisis and Environmental Education in our Public Schools, May 2003

Kliejunas, Mary M.: Cultural Resource Management During the Suppression of Wildland Fires: Roles and Relationships, May 2005

Knapp, Dawna Kristin: Environmental Justice on the California-Mexico Border: A Border Reality Tour Reader, August 2003

Lagasse, Brennan: Waiting for the Snow to Fall: First Nations, Federal Policy, and Environmental Justice, August 2008

L’Annunziata, Elena: Following the plant: the political ecology of a Hmong community garden, December 2010

Lawlor, David: The Prospect of Entheogen Use as a Tool in Realizing a Transpersonal Ecology, November 2008

Liegel, Lora H.: Landscapes in Transition: Exploring the Intersections Between Land Use Planning and Water Management in Henry’s Fork Watershed, Idaho, April 2011

Magruder, Carl: Confessions of an Earthquake: Toward Testimony on the Unity of Creation, July 2003

Mall, Jennifer Anne: Autonomy, Justice and Expertise in Land Use Planning: How Home Rule Shapes Thought and Policy in One New York Town, December 2011

Maravilla, Kimberly Nicole: Personal Growth Though Guided Discoveries: An Assessment of Returning Sea Campers’ Self-Efficacy and Environmental Ethics, May 2012

Matsumoto, Elizabeth R.: A Market Study and Financial Feasibility Analysis of Permanent Supportive Housing for Mentally Ill Homeless Individuals Residing in Humboldt County, California, August 2006

Mayberry, Jennifer A.: Community Wildfire Preparedness: Balancing Community Safety and Ecosystem Sustainability in Southern California Chaparral, March 2011

Maksim, Jennifer: Birth Control, Borders, and the Bomb: An Intersectional Feminist Genealogy of Sierra Club Population Discourse, May 2013

McIntosh, Cinnamon: Local Water Resource Curriculum for Santa Barbara County, November 2010

Melinkoff, Alexander: Los Angeles Urban Agriculture: A Deep Ecology and Ecopsychology Perspective on Environmentalism, December 2012

Menzies, Scott: From the Local Pub to the Corner Store: The Importance of Small, Local, Independent Business to Maintaining and Increasing Community Coherence, December 2008

Merwin, Naomi: Collaborative National Forest Management in Trinity County, California, December 2013

Miles, Elizabeth Vera.: From the Farm to the Plate: Discourse and Perceptions of Local Food in Humboldt County, CA, May 2011

Milz, Jessica: Enviromental Justice for Latinos in Humboldt County- A Survey of Environmental and Social Organizations, August 2007

Ollar, Alexis: Planting Seeds for Sustainability: Identifying Potential Food Insecure Regions of Humboldt County, Utilizing Geographic Information Systems, May 2011

Owen, Anna C.: Industrial and Nutritional Hemp in Manitoba: A Case Study Exploring Stakeholder Strategies and Legitimacy, August 2012

Page, Sam McEwen: Building Foundation of Solidarity Across Prison Walls: Spaces of Horizontal Knowledge Production and Transformative Resistance Within Environments of Oppression, Violence, and Social Control, December 2011

Peacock, Neil: Redevelopment of the Georgia-Pacific mill site; options and alternatives for public participation and stakeholder collaboration in the planning process, May 2008

Prescott, Christy: Dual Economies or Dueling Economies? An Analysis of the Intersection of the Cash and Subsistence Economies from the Social Sustainability Perspective, May 2007

Price-Hall, Rebecca S.: Water Policy and Prosperity in Humboldt County, May 2005

Quinn-Davidson, Lenya N.: Prescribed Fire: Influences on Community Support and Management Activities in Northern California, December 2009

Saklar, Jennifer Clean Air Requires Everyone: A Community Guidebook to Achieve Healthier Air in the San Joaquin Valley, May 2008

Sanderson, Heather: Considering Problems of Service and Utilizing Solutions: Development of an Educational Tool to Assist Servers, August 2010

Schwarzbach, Anna Rose: Planning for Sustainable Alternate Transportation Programs: Gasoline Prices and Behavior in Humboldt County, CA, August 2012

Sears, Judith Ann: “Building Local Capacity for Disaster Response: An Assessment of Community Emergency Response Models in Rural Areas, December 2012”

Shakal, Sarah: The Don Pedro Project and the Integrated Licensing Process: A Process Analysis of Stakeholder Collaboration in Reservoir Relicensing, May 2012

Sorrells, Breanne M: Resources as Resistance: An Intersectional Feminist Approach to Healthcare Access and Advocacy Through Patient Navigation, April 2010

Sparks, Grace M.: “Conserving Working Landscapes and Open Space: A Socio-Spatial Analysis of Private Parcels Suitable for Conservation Easements in Calaveras County, CA, December 2012”

Stercho, Amy M.: The Importance of Place-Based Fisheries to the Karuk Tribe of California: A Socioeconomic Study, August 2006

Suarez, Megan Elizabeth: Learning in Place: Environmental Education for Humboldt County, April 2003

Tainow, Daniel W.: Farm to School in Humboldt County: What Form Should it Take, August 2003

Topel, Kerry: Social Opportunities and Obstacles to Sustainable Rural Community Development: McCloud, California’s Experience With Nestle Waters North America, October 2010

Turner, Edgar Craig Jr.: Everyday geography in Humboldt County schools: an exploration of place-based education, August 2009

Unmack, Jessica M.: Collaborative environmental stewardship in the Van Duzen River watershed, Humboldt County, California

Vazquez, Vanessa McKenna: Edible Arcata: A GIS Perspective for a Local Food-Loving Community in Humboldt County, California, February 2012

Waxman, Deboarh T.: Creating Affordable Housing in Humboldt County, May 2006

West, Haley: Home gardens of Humboldt County: exploring the politics of knowledge, reciprocity and community, May 2011

Whatcott, Jessica A.: The Politics of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault: An Intersectional Feminist Audit of Institutions and Discourses in Humboldt County, California, April 2011

Wright, Jay D.: A Policy Analysis of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Hydroelectric Relicensing Process, August 2006

Zalarvis-Chase, Dimitra: A Predictive Model of the Wiyot Cultural Area in Northwest Coastal California, December 2010