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"Through the process of writing my thesis, I was able to make connections with some fairly high profile people in both the local community and globally working on the issues I care about most. The program encourages its participants to get involved with local organizations and network, and by doing this, I was able to find and land a job locally that I love." Maggie Donovan-Kaloust, Program Graduate, 2007

Current Students’ Research Interests

Dawn Albrecht
emergency planning for vulnerable populations on the North Coast.
Alysha Bergeson
food advertising; constructions of citizenship, nationality, and gender in CA.
James Braggs
Low intensity urban warfare, "community" formation, race war, interlocking systems of struggle.
Emily Bridgewater
Responses to sea level rise along the coast of California: Case studies of adaptive practices.
Nikki Caputo
ethical mapping, knowledge democracy, waste and pervasive plastic pollution.
Victor Espinosa
Analysis of intersection of environmental, immigration, and labor laws that affect transnational communities, specifically in California's agricultural industry.
Elisha Dan Gilner
Water privatization and commodification in the 21st century. Looking at issues of water privatization through Marxian critical theory and at the global water justice movement that has developed as a counter force to this phenomena.
Suzanne Guerra
Comparative ethnic labor histories; cultural landscapes and the intersections of technology and historic and natural resources.
Laura Hurwitz
Food justice; social center movements; traditional ecological knowledge; community decision making through consensus; alternative curriculum in public schools.
Elisabeth Keesling
Food politics, agroecology, and rural community economic development.
Barb Klessig
The archaeology, history and culture of textiles and their influence on women, community and agriculture.
Katie Koscielak
reclamation of identity and space via public art (street art, murals, graffiti) in Mexico City.
Leanne Lynch
City planning with a concentration in enhancing urban ecosystems through best management practices.
Ruthie Maloney
Oral history of Yurok language.
Naomi Merwin
Socio-ecological issues in Trinity County; rural economic development; alternatives to capitalist industrial strategies.
Rebekah Rafferty
The perceived human-nature dichotomy; sociocultural conceptions of large carnivores in North America, as seen through narrative scholarship, ecocriticism, and the telling of stories.
Karen Raskin
historical context/overview of Humboldt County barns.
Marissa Schmitz
Humboldt County non-industrial forest-owners and their perceptions of the carbon market: constraints and opportunities.
Kara Simpson
role of digital and film media in native grassroots water/environmental justice organizing.
Jenny Ursini
The relationship between farming/gardening and health.
Patrick Walsh
Land and identity, responses to drought, water rights in the southwest, community irrigation systems as water democracies.
Wendy Willis
Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee farmers’ perceptions of shade-grown agricultural practices.