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"If anyone is going to study environment and community, Humboldt County is the place to be. There are so many examples of how the community and environment have met, clashed, and sometimes even resolved the complex issues facing them." Carrie Gergits, Program Graduate, 2003

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The Humboldt State University graduate program in Environment and Community is a full time two-year Master of Arts (M.A.) in Social Science. The interdisciplinary faculty, diverse research opportunities, and natural environment offer unique opportunities for students in this academically rigorous program. The program curriculum encompasses three thematic areas that include Ecological Dimensions, Economic and Political Dimensions, and Socio-Cultural Dimensions: Race, Class, Gender and Place.

Faculty lead small classes and seminars in a wide variety of disciplines, including Sociology, Politics, Environmental Science, Geography, English, Women’s Studies, Wildlife, Anthropology, Environmental Engineering, Native American Studies, Psychology, Forestry, and Communication. Students have the opportunity to participate in hands-on applied socio-environmental research through a variety of university research centers and institutes.