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"Come here expecting to be inspired by the opportunity for change and your knowledge of how to do it. Come here to gain an abundance of new knowledge that may lead you in new directions or will greatly strengthen your ability to play a role leading this society to better alternatives." Todd Beer, Program Graduate, 2003


The Master of Arts in Social Science program draws upon the expertise of faculty in a wide array of social science disciplines and offers students a challenging curriculum with a unique combination of courses, readings, field experience and a speaker series. Together, we explore the following:

  • The relationship between environment and community
  • The meaning of community in an age of globalization
  • Responsibility for stewardship of the environment
  • Issues of scale in environmental management, regulation, and policy
  • Balancing community needs with the needs of the environment

In addition to social science theory, students will gain practical knowledge about environments and communities in the U.S. and around the globe, and the economic, social, and political factors that shape them. Students who complete this program will leave Humboldt State University with a richer understanding of the complexities of communities and environments and the skills necessary for future careers in a variety of academic and non-academic fields.