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Diversity Program Funding Grant

DEADLINE: April 10, 2014 at 5:00pm

The Diversity Program Funding Committee invites HSU student organizations, HSU staff and HSU faculty to submit proposals for programs offered on campus to the university community that raise awareness, deepen understanding, and/or engage the campus community in dialogue about one or more of the multiple dimensions of diversity. Such dimensions of diversity may include – but are not limited to – culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and ability. Proposals intended to increase the participation and retention of historically underrepresented groups in the campus community will also be considered.

Allocations for HSU Diversity Program Awards typically fall between $100 - $3,500. Partial funding for programs/activities is possible.

Program expenses typically funded include speaker fees, travel for visiting speakers, event publicity and marketing, various expenses associated with individual activities/programs (from facility rental to printing event handouts), and many, many more. For a list of expenses/activities that the committee cannot fund, please visit theGuidelines page.


In order to allow this grant fund to support new and innovative diversity programs for the HSU campus, programs that are offered on an annual/ongoing basis are not eligible for HSU Diversity Program Grants. Specifically,  events are eligible for a maximum of three cycles of funding from HSU Diversity Program Awards. After that, program organizers are encouraged to seek permanent funding of the event from relevant campus (or off-campus) sources.  Please feel free to consult the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for advice about how to seek such ongoing funding for your event.

Examples of annual events that were once funded by Diversity Program Grants, but have now become integral parts of our campus culture and are thus funded by relevant administrative units include: The Campus Dialogue on Race, International Education Week, the Annual Q-Fest, the Social Justice Summit, and many others.

How to Apply

There are 3 components to the Diversity Program Funding Grant Application.

NOTE: Only applications submitted online will be accepted.

View an example of a strong and successful proposal for this grant.

  1. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Attach to the online application a program description (please limit the description to 2-3 pages single spaced). This part of the proposal is critical in helping the committee consider your proposal, so make sure you include the following:

    a) Describe the event/activity
    b) Describe how this program/activity raises awareness of diversity and/or increases participation and retention of underrepresented groups in our campus community.
    c) Describe how this program/activity will benefit the campus community
    d) Describe how you will assess the outcomes/success of this program
    e) If your program planning process will involve collaboration with other campus groups (or off-campus organizations), describe what groups you are collaborating with and the nature of that  collaboration (for example: Who will be doing what part of the program planning? Have you already made contacts with these other groups?)
    f) Describe your plans for publicizing your event/activity to the campus community
    g) Describe how the expenditures outlined in your budget are important in achieving the goals of this program/activity/event
  2. CATEGORICAL BUDGET: Attach to the online application a balanced categorical budget. This part is important in helping the committee consider your proposal, so make sure the budget includes the following:
    Please use this form for your budget.
    a) List of all anticipated expenses (Examples: Speaker’s fee, travel for speaker, publicity, advertising, etc)
    b) List of all anticipated revenue (Examples: Grants, fundraising, department funding, etc)
    c) Anticipated expenses should equal anticipated revenue
  3. SIGNATURE FORM: Submit Diversity Grant Signature Form by:

    a) On-campus: Drop off or mail to Siemens Hall 209
    b) Off-Campus-Mail to: Office of Diversity and Inclusion, 1 Harpst Street, Arcata, CA 95521
    NOTE:This form has the same deadline as the proposals and must be turned in in order to have your proposal forwarded to the committee for consideration.

Important: If this is an event that has been held before and previously funded by this grant, and evaluation forms for this previous grant were not previously submitted, please fill out the online Program Evaluation & Assessment Form. If this is not submitted, your application will not be eligible.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Amie Rodriquez at 826-4503 or by e-mail at

Siemens Hall 209 • 1 Harpst St., Arcata, CA 95521 • 707.826.4503 • Contact Us.