Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How big is the pro­gram? 
A.  Many online pro­grams use mas­sive open online courses (MOOC) which can enroll hun­dreds and even thou­sands of stu­dents; how­ever, our pro­gram does not embrace that ped­a­gogy. Our enroll­ment goal is 5 local stu­dents (matric­u­lated from Hum­boldt State) and no more than 10 non-local stu­dents per year. Our stu­dents will have direct con­tact with two indi­vid­u­als, (1) their fac­ulty mem­ber and (2) their intern­ship men­tor. We cur­rently have one fac­ulty mem­ber (Dr. Honda) and who teaches only one course per semes­ter as she cur­rently serves as the Assis­tant Vice Pres­i­dent for Reten­tion & Inclu­sive Stu­dent Suc­cess. Intern­ship men­tors will vary, but will always be an IR pro­fes­sional located at a col­lege or uni­ver­sity near the student.

Q. How many courses do I need to take for the cer­tifi­cate?
A. There are three online core courses (4 units each) which include an intern­ship com­po­nent, and two addi­tional pre­req­ui­sites (3–4 units each). The min­i­mum num­ber of units for the cer­tifi­cate is 18; how­ever, depend­ing on the num­ber of units of the pre­req­ui­sites, some cer­tifi­cates will total 19 or 20 units.

Q. How do I know if a course counts as a pre­req­ui­site?
A. The pre­req­ui­site courses (grad­u­ate level research meth­ods & grad­u­ate level sta­tis­tics) can be taken in any field (soci­ol­ogy, psy­chol­ogy, sta­tis­tics, etc.) from an accred­ited col­lege and can be qual­i­ta­tive or quan­ti­ta­tive. Insti­tu­tional researchers come from a vari­ety of fields and to accom­mo­date the diver­sity of edu­ca­tional back­grounds the pre­req­ui­site require­ments are inten­tion­ally broadly defined.

Q. Can I take the pre­req­ui­site courses online from Hum­boldt State Uni­ver­sity?
A. Hum­boldt State does not cur­rently offer a grad­u­ate level research meth­ods course or a grad­u­ate level sta­tis­tics course online; how­ever, this may change in the next cou­ple years.

Q. Are the online courses deliv­ered asyn­chro­nously or syn­chro­nously?
A. All three core courses are deliv­ered asyn­chro­nously through our Course Man­age­ment Sys­tem, Moo­dle, and also uti­lize Word­Press for class chats and upload­ing pre­sen­ta­tions. Stu­dents are free to access and com­plete course work when­ever they choose within a given time frame. Stu­dents will typ­i­cally have one week to read new course mate­ri­als, watch lec­ture videos, and com­plete assignments.

Q. How inter­ac­tive are the online courses
The courses are designed to be very inter­ac­tive, your typ­i­cal week would look like this:

  • Log onto Moo­dle (course man­age­ment sys­tem) and review weekly objectives
  • Read chap­ter or assigned read­ing (1–3 hours)
  • Watch Weekly lec­ture (varies between 5 and 20 minutes)
  • Com­plete weekly tasks (2–6 hours) — These tasks include hands on activ­i­ties, research, lit­er­a­ture reviews, blogging/ respond­ing to online dis­cus­sion forums, etc.
  • Intern­ships activ­i­ties and projects(1–3 hours) — Work on research projects by col­lect­ing data, ana­lyz­ing data, writ­ing a report, etc.

Q. How much does the cer­tifi­cate cost?
A. Courses are $399 per credit unit; how­ever, matric­u­lated HSU stu­dents pay $100 per credit unit in addi­tion to their reg­u­lar fees and tuition. Tuition is the same for in-state stu­dents and out-of-state stu­dents. Non-matriculated stu­dents can expect to pay $ 4,788 and HSU matric­u­lated stu­dents can expect to pay $ 1,200. This does not include the cost of text­books and the cost of tak­ing pre­req­ui­site courses if you have not already taken them.

Q. How does the intern­ship work?
A. Each course has an intern­ship com­po­nent that is con­ducted either in an IR office that you choose, at your cur­rent job site, or one that we will find for you. For indi­vid­u­als new to the IR field, the intern­ship gives you prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence that will be valu­able on your resume when seek­ing an IR posi­tion. For cur­rent IR pro­fes­sion­als, the intern­ship will intro­duce you to global IR issues across sec­tors of higher edu­ca­tion, and pro­vide you with an infra­struc­ture of issues in higher edu­ca­tion, includ­ing areas of accred­i­ta­tion, account­abil­ity, and assess­ment, that are increas­ingly becom­ing part of the IR workload.

Q. How long is the cer­tifi­cate pro­gram?
A. The cer­tifi­cate is three semes­ters long and runs spring, fall, spring. Semes­ters at HSU are 16 weeks long (2013–2014 aca­d­e­mic cal­en­dar2014–2015 aca­d­e­mic cal­en­dar). The Cer­tifi­cate Pro­gram will begin in the Spring 2014 semes­ter, which allows enough time to take the pre­req­ui­sites the pre­vi­ous Fall (2013), or con­cur­rently with the first semes­ter of the IR Cer­tifi­cate Program.

Q. How many hours a week do I need to spend on each course?
A. Stu­dents hop­ing to earn an “A” in a course should antic­i­pate on spend­ing an aver­age of 12 to 16 hours each week read­ing, writ­ing and edit­ing, research­ing, sub­mit­ting assign­ments and par­tic­i­pat­ing in online dis­cus­sions, and par­tic­i­pat­ing in the intern­ship (about 4 hours per week).

Q. Can I get Finan­cial Aid for Psych 550, 551, and 552?
A. While the three core courses (Psych 550, 551 and 552) are offered for aca­d­e­mic credit and have been approved by the HSU Aca­d­e­mic Sen­ate, they are offered through our Extended Edu­ca­tion Pro­gram which is self-supported. This means that the State of Cal­i­for­nia and Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment do not pro­vide any fund­ing for these courses and the courses can­not be counted for finan­cial aid or the CSU Fee Waiver Program.

All stu­dents, whether matric­u­lated at HSU or not must pay the same price ($399 per unit). This is what allows us to offer in-state and out-of-state tuition at the same rate. A lim­ited num­ber of matric­u­lated HSU stu­dents may be offered a schol­ar­ship for their intern­ship in the form of a price reduc­tion. This intern­ship will reduce the cost of the cer­tifi­cate to $100 per unit.

Q. Can I get Finan­cial Aid for the Pre­req­ui­site Courses?
A. The IR Grad­u­ate Cer­tifi­cate was devel­oped to com­pli­ment stu­dents are work­ing toward or have com­pleted a Mas­ters or Doc­toral Degree in a related field. Many of these stu­dents will or have already com­pleted the pre­req­ui­site courses as part of their other degree. Indi­vid­u­als who qual­ify for the CSU Fee Waiver Pro­gram may have the option to take the pre­req­ui­site courses using their fee waiver.

Q. Can I take one of these courses if I am not in the cer­tifi­cate pro­gram?
A. At this time, no. All stu­dents must be in the IR Cer­tifi­cate Pro­gram to reg­is­ter for these courses. The courses are not designed to be taken as stand­alone courses. Each course has graded ele­ments that require inter­ac­tion between stu­dents. The stu­dents are expected to get to know each other over the three semes­ters and get used to work­ing in small groups via online col­lab­o­ra­tion tools. In addi­tion, the course con­tent builds upon prior course­work. Stu­dents would not have the back­ground to com­plete the sec­ond and third course with­out com­plet­ing the first course.