Certificate Requirements

Admis­sion Requirements:

    1. A Bachelor’s degree from a col­lege or uni­ver­sity that is accred­ited by its regional association.
    2. Two pre­req­ui­site courses, one in grad­u­ate level research meth­ods (qual­i­ta­tive or quan­ti­ta­tive) and one in grad­u­ate level sta­tis­tics. Both pre­req­ui­sites can be taken else­where, and in fact Hum­boldt State does not cur­rently offer these courses online.
    3. An intern­ship in an Insti­tu­tional Research related office at a higher edu­ca­tion insti­tu­tional (e.g., col­lege, uni­ver­sity, or system-wide office). Appli­cants who do not cur­rently work in an IR related office will receive assis­tance to find and estab­lish an intern­ship in their local area.
    4. A strong desire to work in Insti­tu­tional Research or a closely related field. If you are unsure what IR is, please visit: www.airweb.org/EducationAndEvents/Publications/Pages/FunctionsofIR.aspx

Hardware/Software Require­ments:

    1. You will need access to a com­puter and the Inter­net. Our course man­age­ment sys­tem (Moo­dle) has a mobile friendly inter­face, and you can com­plete sev­eral tasks via a smart phone; how­ever, you will have read­ing and writ­ing assign­ments, which will be dif­fi­cult to com­plete with­out a key­board and full-size screen.
    2. You also will need word pro­cess­ing and pre­sen­ta­tion soft­ware (e.g., Microsoft Office or Google Apps).

Cer­tifi­cate Con­fer­ment Requirements:

The typ­i­cal stu­dent will com­plete 18 credit hours, which includes the two pre­req­ui­site courses and the 12 credit hours earned from the above three courses. Stu­dents must suc­cess­fully com­plete the fol­low­ing three courses with a grade of a “B” or better.

    1. Intro­duc­tion to Insti­tu­tional Research (4 units)
    2. Applied Research in Higher Edu­ca­tion (4 units)
    3. Diver­sity Research in Insti­tu­tional Research (4 units)