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Embark on a Career Change
Begin Work­ing Towards a Degree
Pro­fes­sional & Per­sonal Enrichment

Open Uni­ver­sity pro­vides an oppor­tu­nity for those who are not cur­rently admit­ted to Hum­boldt State Uni­ver­sity to enroll in uni­ver­sity courses.

The Open Uni­ver­sity pro­gram allows enroll­ment in HSU credit-bearing classes, pro­vided that there is space avail­able and pre­req­ui­sites are fulfilled.

HSU has many options to meet your pro­fes­sional goals. See the com­plete HSU sched­ule of classes.

The reg­is­tra­tion process is easy. Admis­sion to the Uni­ver­sity is not required, and the same fees apply to everyone.

LIMITATIONS: Dis­tance & Extended Edu­ca­tion can­not guar­an­tee you a space nor assure you will be per­mit­ted to enroll in any class. Instruc­tor approval is required, even if space is available.

Open Uni­ver­sity is NOT avail­able to matric­u­lated stu­dents (those admit­ted for the cur­rent semester).

Open Uni­ver­sity courses taken through Dis­tance & Extended Edu­ca­tion will count in Undergraduate/Graduate units earned, grade point aver­age and res­i­dence credit.

A max­i­mum of 24 semes­ter units in Open Uni­ver­sity earned through Dis­tance & Extended Edu­ca­tion in non-matriculated sta­tus may be applied toward a bachelor’s degree, and not more than eight units may apply to the master’s degree.


Easy Steps to Register

  • Select the courses you want from the sam­ple list­ing in the Exten­sion bul­letin or the reg­u­lar HSU Sched­ule of Classes
  • Print and fill out the REGISTRATION FORM (PDF). (PDFs require the free Adobe Reader) You may also obtain an Open Uni­ver­sity reg­is­tra­tion form at the Office of Dis­tance & Extended Edu­ca­tion, or get one mailed to you by call­ing 826‑3731.
  • Attend the first class meet­ing. Obtain the instructor’s sig­na­ture and the depart­ment chair’s sig­na­ture. Reg­is­tra­tion is on a space-available basis.
  • Return your signed form to the Office of Dis­tance & Extended Edu­ca­tion and pay your fees by the semes­ter dead­line to avoid a $25 late fee.

Reg­is­tra­tion pro­ce­dures dif­fer for the fol­low­ing programs:



The Office of Dis­tance & Extended Edu­ca­tion can accept pay­ment by check, money order, cash or credit card. Please make all checks or money orders payable to Hum­boldt State University.

Full pay­ment of fees is required at the time of registration.

Open Uni­ver­sity fees are paid for at the time of course reg­is­tra­tion, prior to the sec­ond class meet­ing for the term. A $25 late fee is charged for late reg­is­tra­tion. See dead­lines.

NOTE: Instruc­tors may exclude a stu­dent from attend­ing courses if the stu­dent can­not pro­vide proof of reg­is­tra­tion for the course.


$232 PER UNITNOTE: Fee has been revised since the print­ing of the Fall 2012 Dis­tance & Extended Edu­ca­tion bulletin.
VISA, Mas­ter­card and Dis­cover are accepted for payment
Open Uni­ver­sity fees are sub­ject to revi­sion.Some courses may also require an indi­vid­ual course fee, as indi­cated in the sched­ule of classes.