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The Program

This series of online courses is intended for individuals interested in enhancing careers and/or pursuing teaching in community colleges and universities. This program introduces prospective and current faculty to the roles and responsibilities of teaching in higher education and specifically addresses teaching, learning and technology issues in the college classroom. The capstone course is an apprentice teaching experience arranged by the candidate, during which the candidate is mentored by a senior faculty member.


The Courses

This is a three semester, 12-unit certificate program.  Courses must be taken sequentially. The fees for the certificate program are $220 per unit. A 3-unit class will therefore cost $660. All fees are subject to revision. Fees are due and payable upon registration for each course. No registrations will be processed without valid payment information.

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  FALL 2012:    Oct. 1-Nov. 9 (6 weeks)
EDUC X507: Foundations of Teaching in Higher Education (3 units)


  SPRING 2013:      Jan. 14-March 8 (8 weeks):
EDUC X508: Student Centered Design (3 units)


  SPRING 2013:     April 22-June 15 (8 weeks):
EDUC X509: Instructional Planning and Pedagogical Practice (3 units)


  FALL 2013:     TBA (8 weeks):
EDUC X510: Apprentice Teaching (2 units – Practicum to be determined with mentor and course instructor)


  FALL 2013:     TBA (full semester)
EDUC X511: Reflective Practice Seminar (1 unit)