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Program Costs ← Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology

Program Costs

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Program tuition is com­pet­i­tively priced at $375 per unit, which breaks down as follows:

Summer Institute: $1875, plus either:

  • Full-time: $3750 per semes­ter for 3 semes­ters, or
  • Part-time: $1500-$2200 per semes­ter for 6 semesters

Program tuition is the same for California and out-of-state stu­dents (out-of-state fees are not higher). Students will also be respon­si­ble for typ­i­cal program-related costs such as books, travel + hous­ing for the Summer Institute, research-related costs, and computing/internet needs.

If desired, stu­dents may apply to HSU Housing + Dining ser­vices to explore on and off-campus hous­ing options dur­ing the Summer Institute and any other time that they decide to reside on campus.

Financial Aid

Stu­dents are encour­aged to con­tact the HSU Financial Aid office for infor­ma­tion about avail­able grants, loans, schol­ar­ships and work study. Graduate Studies also main­tains a list of fel­low­ships and schol­ar­ships avail­able to grad­u­ate students.

Please note that the MA pro­gram begins in the sum­mer of each year rather than the fall. Financial aid for sum­mer is tied to the pre­ced­ing aca­d­e­mic year; for exam­ple, Summer 2014 is part of the Fall 2013-Spring 2014 aca­d­e­mic year. To obtain finan­cial aid for Summer 2014, fill out the 2013–2014 FAFSA before June 30, 2014. To obtain finan­cial aid for Fall 2014-Summer 2015, fill out the 2014–2015 FAFSA (see the FAFSA web­site for appli­ca­tion details and deadlines).

Note: Financial aid eli­gi­bil­ity is reassessed when stu­dent sta­tus changes from under­grad­u­ate to grad­u­ate stu­dent. Students that uti­lize all of their under­grad­u­ate eli­gi­bil­ity dur­ing the aca­d­e­mic year that they start the pro­gram may have addi­tional eli­gi­bil­ity as MA stu­dents for the 5-unit Summer Institute. Graduate stu­dents are eli­gi­ble for finan­cial aid if they are enrolled in at least 5-units (ver­sus at least 6 units for undergraduates).  Please con­tact the HSU Financial Aid office for information.

Students will also receive sup­port and guid­ance for seek­ing exter­nal fund­ing for research as an inte­gral part of the program.