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Full-time Timeline

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Summer Institute

(5 units. 5 weeks at HSU, before 1st Fall)

  • ANTH 670 Introduction to  Applied Anthropology (2 units)
  • ANTH 671 Methods in Applied Anthropology (3 units)
  • Milestones: Pass Preliminary Exams
  • Note: The Summer Institute will include approximately 22 hours per week of required meetings in the classroom/lab/field in addition to out-of-class study time. Each week, in-class hours will generally be split between three weekday afternoons and a longer field day on Saturday.
  • The 2014 Summer Institute will be held from June 30-Aug 1, 2014. Please see Class Schedule for a more detailed schedule.

Semester 1, Fall

(10+ units, online)

  • ANTH 672 Theory in Applied Anthropology (3 units)
  • ANTH 673 Anthropology in Practice (3 units)
  • ANTH 678 Pro Seminar (1 unit)
  • Electives (3-4 units)
  • Milestones: Establish internship, thesis chair, and preliminary thesis plan

Semester 2, Spring

(10+ units, online)

  • ANTH 674 Project Design and Management (3 units)
  • ANTH 675 Applied Anthropology Field Placement (3 units)
  • ANTH 678 Pro Seminar (1 unit)
  • Electives (3-4 units)
  • Milestones: Complete internship, form thesis committee , approval of thesis topic, Advancement to Candidacy filed. Students will generally begin thesis research during the summer directly following this course if they have not done so already.

Semester 3, Fall

(10+ units, online)

  • ANTH 690 Thesis (6 unit*s)
  • ANTH 678 Pro Seminar (1 unit)
  • Elective (3-4 units)
  • Milestones: Thesis completed or progress approved by thesis committee. In-person/Skype oral defense of thesis before or directly after written thesis submission (extension to a later semester will be granted if the thesis is not expected to be completed).
  • *Note: If thesis completion is not expected this  semester, students are advised to sign up for fewer than 6 thesis units, and distribute the remaining units over (no more than 2) subsequent semesters to maintain continuous enrollment of at least one unit per semester. 


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