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Thinking of Suicide? Get Help Now.

If you are thinking of suicide in this moment, please call for help: 707-826-3236 (CAPS) or 800-273-8255 (National Hotline)

The staff at CAPS would really like to help. If you are not already in counseling, please consider it. If you are an HSU student, we always have a therapist on-call during our open hours, and you can always reach a therapist by phone here 24/7. We've prepared some thougths that we want to share (see below). In time, we hope that most or all of our therapists will have a message on this page so check back often if you would like to hear from someone here in particular.

Messages of Hope from the CAPS team

Message from Jen

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Message from Kim


Message from Krystal

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Eliot's interview on QWIRE: Suicide and LGBT Youth

Messages from the HSU Community (mostly Students): 88 cards written Oct. 1, 2013

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Outside Message

A mother of a former Fresno State University student recently gave a talk at the university to a group of students, sharing the story of her daughter's suicide and information that she has learned since that time. It is a moving story-- please watch to its completion.