SRC Instructor Biographies

April Parrott, Personal Trainer
April has been has peen a personal trainer for 3+ years. Her passion is to help those that are new to fitness find love for an active lifestyle. As a Master's student in Kinesiology her love for fitness and the human body is expanding. She knows that exercise effects every aspect of a person's life from reducing stress, weight loss, proper nutrition, and overall health and she wants to share that with you. April enjoys running, kayaking, long distance cycling, and in her free time she is a photographer and musician.

Lucia Ordonez-Gauger, Spin Instructor
Lucia is workout enthusiast who has been featured in instructional fitness videos, has lifeguarded for 3 years, and worked for 2 years as an open ocean Kayak guide in San Diego. She loves biking and began spinning indoors in college, finding her love for high intensity cardio exercise, and in 2013 she became certified as a Spinning Instructor. She is a graduate student in the Natural Resources department, and in her free time enjoys good beer, surfing, diving, cooking, camping, yoga, and travel.

Suzanne Dunning, Yoga Instructor
Suzanne Dunning has been studying, teaching, and practicing yoga for 14 years. She is deeply committed to the life-long study of this ancient tradition and loves sharing her enthusiasm for breath and movement with her students. She empowers students to come to yoga exactly as they are and teaches an eclectic form of Vinyasa yoga drawing on her knowledge of various styles of yoga.

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