English Language Learners and California’s Public Schools

Recently we discussed the case for rescinding Prop 187, the proposition that legislated English only instruction in California schools. This article from 2013 reports on the results of a study of English Language Learners and the amount of services they receive. According to the article, “The study compiled 2010-2011 state data showing that students of all … Continue reading Continue reading

California Legislature Passes ‘Yes Means Yes’ Standard For College Sexual Assault Policies

Link to article:The Blurred lines of the Affirmative Consent Bill This article addresses SB967 which passed in senate August 28, 2014.   This bill requires California College campuses to require an affirmative consent standard and conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity. The phrase  ‘no means no’ changing to ‘yes means yes’ with […] Continue reading

The Answer: A Scaffolding of Support | Heckman

Professor Heckman is a Nobel prize winning Economist and is one of the foremost advocates for early childhood education. Here is an update on his most recent appearance in Washington, D.C., where he answered the question, “Where can we invest to have the greatest impact in reducing inequality and developing human capital?” The Answer: A … Continue reading Continue reading