April 24: Cultural Responses to Death

View the video below and post your responses using the comment box.
What are your feelings about the Trajan cultural response to death of a family member?
Anthropologist Kelli Swazey has suggestions for how the Trajan culture can inform our US healthcare system; what do you think about her suggestions?

April 1: The Brain and Emotion

Instead of meeting in class on Tuesday, April 1, watch one of the following videos. Attendance credit for Tuesday will be given if thoughtful, relevant comments are posted in response to at least one of these videos. Responding in a thoughtful way to another student’s comment works, too. Make your comment a response to one of my two “comments” so that we have two separate threads, one for each video.

March 4: Cognition and Perception

Instead of a face-to-face class meeting, listen and try out these resources, then post our comments below.
1) Listen to this. Please note: You can go to this site and download the episode or download the app and listen to it on your mobile device. This is a full episode, so be prepared to set aside an hour or break it into segments.

2) Take this test. How did you score?
What do you think about color and perception, or perception and our experience in general? How is perception shaped?