October 4-6, 2013

Humboldt State University

Jeffrey Kane, PhD.

Fire Ecology Demonstration: One of Four Demonstrations at Bio Conf 2012

Jeff Kane was the incoming professor of Wildland Fire Ecology and Management at Humboldt State University starting last Fall. He has long been interested in fire and has worked in many fire-prone ecosystems throughout the US. His fire research has focused on the flammability of oak and pine litter and the understory vegetation response to fire and fuels treatments. Jeff's future research will continue on these topics but will also investigate the impacts of climate change on fire-prone ecosystems with an emphasis maintaining and promoting biodiversity.At Bio Conf 2012, Jeff lit some fires with the brush of various Northern California and Southern Oregon forests while sharing some of the important roles of fire.To learn more, visit the HSU Wildland Fire Labaratory website.

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